Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rabbits’ Foot Fern


This may be hard to believe but this fern is at least 25 YEARS old!  I know for certain that it has been in this spot in my kitchen as long as we have been in this house.  I have a vague recollection of it before we moved here and I am trying to find a picture that will confirm it, but 25 YEARS old for sure.

Now, my problem.  It started out in a plastic (I think) pot that I put in a wicker container.  Unfortunately as it really started growing, all the little “feet” were sticking through the wicker.  Well, now it is all one thing – wicker, “feet” and fern as one.  What do I do?   The bottom of the wicker has rotted out, the plant is still growing, but I’d love to fix it.  No telling how well it would be doing if it weren’t a tangled mess. 

Maybe I better leave well enough alone.  I’ll keep you posted.


Happy@Home said...

Your fern is so pretty. I had one several years ago, but it only lasted a few years. Yours seems to be thriving. I'd be afraid to re-pot it at this point.

elskon said...

I have a rabbit's foot fern that is at least 80 years old!! I have the same problem with re-potting, looking for someone to help but no one is willing to touch it because of its age. Poor fern needs a new home and fresh dirt, as far as we know there is no dirt left in it's pot!