Friday, September 30, 2011

My first chalk paint project

I finally got around to buying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to redo some furniture that I am going to sell in a “parking lot sale” next week. 

Here is the first table I did.


Table 1


Table 3

Table 2

I painted it with Chateau Grey on the top and legs and Country Grey on the front and sides.   I have got to say that this is the easiest painting I have done (and I’ve done a lot).  I love the fact that I didn’t have a lot of preliminary work to do.   I finished the piece with dark wax – probably the hardest part of the project!  

I have four more pieces I am working on for the sale which I’ll share later.  One of them is turning out really cool – it’s was an old stereo cabinet in its former life and now it will be a great storage/console table.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In rememberance . . .


Ten years . . . we are older, but are we wiser?  

All of our lives were changed in some way by this terribly tragic event.   We must remember those who were lost and their loved ones and those that survived and have been changed forever.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I made yet another bag . . .

Okay, I like to sew and I have a thing about the “specifications” of my purse. 
It can only have one handle, must have several inside and at least one outside pocket, can’t be too big – you get the picture.  So I am always on the hunt for a new purse pattern.

I came across one and thought it looked interesting.  I made one out of some (boring) fabric I had just to see what modifications I should make.  I added some inches to the bag and the handle and I liked it.

I found some fabric that I knew would make it a lot cuter and here it is.  First of all I’ll show you how simple the pattern is.   This is the whole bag (well, at least one side).


Here it is with an outside pocket that I added (pattern didn’t call for one).  I really wanted to match the design on this side, but didn’t have enough fabric.  I figured it is so busy anyway, who would notice.  ;=)

It has inside pockets that go all the way around.


So, to close the bag, you slip the long handle through the short side.  I added about 6” to the pattern so I could carry it on my shoulder.


Here is a link to the pattern: