Sunday, February 20, 2011

Check out this giveaway . . .

Paula at Castle and Cottage Signs was inspired by a Pottery Barn photo and created (in her most talented fashion) a plant holder that she is going to give away.   Go here to check out her blog and comment to be included.

You could win one of these with the text of your choice.


P.S.  Over a year ago I was one of her winners.  See that plant holder in the bottom row, second from left, she made me a sign that says that.  Here it is –- I LOVE it.



Monday, February 14, 2011

HaPpY VaLeNtInE’s DaY

Recently I was at a flea market and just couldn’t resist buying this old postcard of a “fluffy” little girl . . . a little more to love!!


Spread a little sunshine today!

Friday, February 4, 2011

No excuses . . .

The weather is still crazy here – woke up to 6” of snow this morning.
(I won’t bore you.  I know you have all seen snow, but here’s my proof!)



But I’ve decided that the best part of being “trapped” inside for four days is that I am really getting a lot done.   Not being tempted to get in the car
and go is a good thing – who knew!

I am cleaning and reorganizing my computer room and thought I’d show you the computer desk my husband fashioned out of a dining room piece 15 years ago when we got our first computer.

It looks like this outside . . .


It had two sections with a divider in the middle.  He took the doors off, the shelves and divider out, and hinged the doors and attached them to each side.  The drawer on the left was removed and he took the drawer front off and fixed it so that it would fit in place by itself.  He made little stands for the monitor and printer so that we had a little storage underneath them.  There is a shelf that I attach to the front of the right drawer for the mouse.  The keyboard is on a pull out shelf where the drawer used to be.

And it looks like this inside . . .


Isn’t he talented?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where I “create”.

I have been working on this sewing/craft room redo for way too long now.  The holidays made me stop and turn it into a Christmas package wrapping center and now I am finally semi-finished so thought I’d share.

I had a table where I kept my sewing machine and serger and a separate desk for my embroidery machine.  Sold the desk on craigslist, bought an enamel-top table at a garage sale, and put it in the corner for the embroidery machine.  I added a skirt around them so I could hide store stuff underneath.  I left the end open and have a roll out cart where I keep my Cricut machine.

I made the covers for the two machines out of oil cloth.   (My plan was to make one for the embroidery machine too, but I decided the one that came with it looked pretty good!)

I made the valance, step stool and lampshade out of the cute sewing-themed fabric I found at Hobby Lobby.  Also made some little pouches that are hanging on the IKEA rod behind the machines.

I already had the red dresser in there and added a bookcase to the top for all of my ribbon and other scrapbooking supplies.

This project encouraged me to get rid of a lot of fabric that was never going to be used and I reorganized the two closets in the room.

Now, I really want to paint the room, but that will just have to wait until I get busy with some other projects I have in mind.  I have two cute tall chairs to recover that can be used at the gate leg work table. 








Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brrr . . . again


What is up?!  The forecast says that we are supposed to have the coldest weather in 15 years this week.  Okay, I know the northeast has had a really bad winter, but, y’all, this is TEXAS!
It rained last night before it froze and started sleeting.   This isn’t snow!
Now the wind is blowing fiercely and, with the wind chill, it was
2 degrees this morning.  Come on Old Man Winter, give us a break!

Spring can’t get here fast enough for me.