Wednesday, September 9, 2009

White Wednesday

Okay, here I am at my first White Wednesday. Many years ago, at an estate sale, I found these white shutters in their frame and I knew instantly what I'd do with it. I hung it and then hung plates inside. Over the years, I have changed out the display, but it has always been on this entry wall into our bedroom. Now it has white Alfred Meakin Audubon Birds of America plates. I just love this little wall.

From Life In My Nest


The Library Lady said...

Lovely! What a great visual effect. I'll bet if the inside were painted pale blue with some little wispy clouds it would be just like looking out the window at the birds. Great idea ~ thanks for sharing. I'm loving your blog.

The Library lady

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

I love that idea.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! It looks so pretty!

Denise Marie said...

cute post! cute cherry glasses and card you gave CHC too.

Shanna said...

How clever you are...I wouldn't have begun to think of doing this! But I'm going to save the photo in my 'dream addition' folder, just in case I ever get the opportunity to build onto my house!

Anonymous said...

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