Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Am I blind?!

100_0893 I bought this cute little hooked rug for my cherry laundry room yesterday.  The colors were perfect and I thought it was a real find (at Marshall’s) for $9.99.  This morning as I was leaving, I got a real surprise and the laugh of the day – where is the “i” in cherries?   How come I didn’t even notice it?   Also, the first “r" looks like a “p”.  Well, you know what, I still love it and now I will have a reason to smile every time I walk through my laundry room!   (My hubby offered to “fix” it for me with a marker – I declined!)


Paula said...

Teresa that's funny... I wish I could say I never mispelled a word on a painted sign but...I can't:(
Maybe Marshall's would like to pick up my mistakes.. hmmmm...
have a great day!

My Shabby Rose Cottage said...

Hahahaha...too funny!!! Guess that was a reject!! Isn't it funny how our eyes to mind work? We know what it should read...and that's what we read!!!

Have fun with it! It is your NEW conversation piece!!

Warm Hugs,

The Library Lady said...

Funny! Thus, the $9.99 price I guess. Gotta love it anyway.

The Library Lady

Tracy said...

Too funny Teresa! I'm with you...it's still cute!