Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Sign Arrived!

Several weeks ago I won the giveaway from Paula at Castle and Cottage Signs.   She paints beautiful signs in many styles and I received a custom-made sign as her gift.   After deciding what I wanted on the sign, she sent me pictures of several versions on different boards, with different lettering styles and the final product suits me and my house perfectly.   See what you think . . .


I can’t wait until I need to send someone a special gift and I can work with her again.   (She also has a blog and an etsy shop. – check them out.)   I’ve told Paula this in our emails, but I want to say again – Thank you and I love, love, love it!!!


Paula said...

Your so welcome Teresa! A beautiful picture with your tree...thankyou for being wonderful to work with & I'm so happy that you love your sign!

Kristen said...

That's gorgeous. I love it !

The Library Lady said...

Love your new sign.

The Library Lady

Cherry Hill Cottage~ said...

Love your sign Teresa!!
Monica and I got LaurieAnna one from Paula, for Christmas It's for LaurieAnna and Willy's cottage in Canton. You sould see it~ so so so pretty!!

I love the painted "nest" on your's!!

Merry Christmas!!

glimpse of my world said...

Hey girlie... thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!! If you are 15 miles away from me.. we must have lunch - I have lots of time right now!! Happy New Year... hugs! smiles and happiness to you in 2010!