Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I’m getting close . . .

are you?

100_0862I just have a few hours of shopping left to do today and some more wrapping.   Then, I can just stay home and finish up a couple of little embroidery projects.   When I saw this in print, it doesn’t look so simple, but I’ll have it all done by the weekend.   How about you?   I hope you will have time to breathe before the Big Day.


Paula said...

Very Pretty packages and LOVE the urn!
soooo not done yet, never am this early! some things never!
happy wrapping Teresa!

Shanna said...

Such a pretty little tree! I didn't put mine up this year because we're going to the beach for Christmas...somehow I just didn't feel like decorating.

My shopping is ALL DONE, too!!!

All My Yesterdays said...

Love the ties on the packages. My floor is still full of "wrapping" stuff...I'm getting there. Looks like you'll have a fun Christmas too (O:

Anonymous said...

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