Friday, October 9, 2009

A Little Old Lunchbox . . .

brought into the 21st century.     I bought this old lunchbox with this project in mind when we went to Round Top last week.   I had been seeing lots of “charging stations” in catalogs and stores lately and mentioned to my husband that it would be a good idea.   I started thinking about what we might find that he could modify.   We came across this cute little lunchbox and it was perfect.   He put a power strip inside and now we have our chargers (cell phones, MP3 player, Palm Pilot) all plugged in and all we have to do is connect whatever we want to charge.   He even put a switch on the back so we could turn it off instead of unplugging it all of the time.   Isn’t he the best?!   Now all I have to do is decide where to park this little gem so it will always be handy. And, I must decide -- to paint, or not to paint. 100_0733


Tracey said...

What a gret idea.. love the lunch box and how cute it looks on your counter. I have to try something like this.. I have all those wall warts everywhere!

All My Yesterdays said...

Hey, this looks familiar! Good thing to do (O: Now I can tell you how awesome your little lunch box is and what a great idea. And if it were mine, I'd leave it just how it is. Just has a lot of charm that way.
Glad to be the guinea pig so I can comment now. Thanks!


The Library Lady said...

Love the lunchbox. I love it when something old becomes something new and maintains it's own integrity. Good job.

The Library Lady
"Take surprise and delight in the little things"

Tracy said...

What a great idea...we have so many things we have to recharge now and I am always searching for the plugs and attachments...You never see the old lunch boxes anymore...good find :)

Cherry Hill Cottage~ said...

DON'T PAINT!!!!!!!
I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cherry Hill Cottage...

Diana Banana said...

What a great idea!