Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Project

checked off my list!   I found this large frame at a barn sale and it was rather wobbley (is that a word?) and missing a piece in the corner, but I really liked the carving.  Okay, I bought it for $3.100_0738 My husband tightened it up with glue and clamps and I reconstructed the missing piece.  (Not perfect, but close enough.)100_0752

Now what?   It is pretty large (45 x 20) and I didn’t have a picture for it so decided it would make a great blackboard.  So I made a blackboard with a nice smooth board we found at a garage sale, bought some chalkboard paint and painted . . . and painted . . . and finally – it’s a blackboard!


It is on a wall between my kitchen and dining room and is actually the first thing you see when you walk in the back door (which is where 95% of people who come to my house come in – don’t ask me why). 

(FYI:  If you are going to make a chalkboard, I would recommend making your own paint – it worked much better than the spray paint.  The “recipe” I used was 3 tsp. black (or any color you want) acrylic paint, 1-1/2 tsp. glaze (like for faux painting) and 1/2 tsp. non-sanded grout.   I already had all of that so that’s what I used, but I also saw a formula on the internet using flat black paint and grout.)


The Library Lady said...

What a fancy chalkboard you have. Lovely! You did a great job fabricating the missing piece too..looks original.

The Library Lady
"Take surprise and delight in the little things"

All My Yesterdays said...

Love what you did and I agree with the blackboard paint. I did a large part of a wall and used the kind you brush on...already in a can. Spraying isn't as good.
Keep sharing with us...