Sunday, April 24, 2011

A wonderful Easter celebration . . .


Praise the Lord!

Today we had Easter services at the land where our new church is being built.  We had hoped to be in the new building for today’s services, but it wasn’t complete enough to meet inside.  So the plans were to all bring chairs and worship outside.  We held our breaths, prayed and took a leap of faith that the weather would hold out.   Our weather has been terribly windy lately and there were storms last night, but this morning it was just a little overcast with a nice breeze. 

We started going to this church two years ago when the average attendance was 50.  When we began the building process a few months ago there were usually a little over 100 every Sunday.  Today, believe it or not, there were 400 celebrating this wonderful Easter!!! 

The sun came out during the service and it was a truly glorious day, in every respect.

As I said – Praise the Lord!
I hope you, too, had a wonderful day with your family.

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