Friday, November 19, 2010

Lemons – finally!

I showed you my little Meyer Lemon tree in June, with blooms and small lemons.  Well, who knew that it would take this long for them to finally be edible LEMONS?!   I got a dozen off this container tree.  I used the first one in my tea and ate half of it like an orange (in fact, it is a cross between a mandarin orange and lemon) and now I’m wondering  . . . lemon pie, lemon bars, lemonade, lemon cake, maybe lemon chicken.

100_1523 100_1527

There are about 6 new ones on the tree about the size of a pea and some blooms.  This weekend I will be putting the tree in a new pot and into the greenhouse for the winter.  Maybe by spring we’ll be eating lemons again!

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Tracey said...

What a great surprise!! I like the idea of lemon pie!!How wonderful to have a tree where you can pick fresh lemons..I envy that!