Saturday, June 26, 2010

Could I turn this

little 8 x 10 playhouse which is currently listed for “FREE” on craigslist (and not too far from me)3kc3p03la5Z35W45S0a6pe56d5f90ed8219c4[1]


into something like this?


This morning I saw this post on Garden Antqs Vintage blog and the timing is perfect.  I had just come across the craigslist item and asked my husband if we could get it.  For some time I have been looking for a “free” shed or something that could be converted into a little cottage to be put at at the end of my herb garden. 

The article which was done by the New York Times on this little cottage and the owner is really fascinating.  You must read it – my husband must read it!  (Her blog is My Shabby Streamside Studio and it is a joy to look at, too. 

Of course, hubby dismissed my silly idea because he said this was so “rotten” it would fall apart when he tried to move it.  So just what is he trying to say?!  Is that a problem?

Oh well, I can dream.  Doesn’t everything start that way anyway?


The Library Lady said...

He's probably right about the rot; but can't you just see it. My husband always says to me when I am disappointed in something "Now just how did you have that pictured in your fairy tale head". Well...I never.

Dream on.

The Library Lady

Mammy said...

It never hurts to go look. Just ask hubby to consider it....I think it would make a wonderful little garden house. You go, girl!