Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ohhhhhhh . . .

I so w the blue sky and fluffy clouds!!   It feels like Spring may be  around the corner.  The purple martin house is ready for the little guys to fly in. 



The Library Lady said...

Martin House. Brings back memories of growing up (South Carolina). My Dad (God Rest) always had a Martin House ~ similar to yours. He also grew gourds, dried them, hollowed them out to be little houses and up in the air they went on a giant umbrella looking thing. My Dad has been gone 10 years now and when I was home in September for my sister's funeral I went by my old growing up home, guess what? Yep! The Martin house - still here. The giant up in the air umbrella - still there.

The Library Lady
"Take surprise and delight in the little things"

Laura said...

Hi ,
I am so glad I found your blog this morning.
I am a Texas blogger too.
I look forward to visiting more-


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