Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Frilly Dilly Bag

I promised a friend of mine that I would make her one of these purses for her birthday.  I made one earlier this summer and you can see it here.  We went together to pick out the fabric and, yes, that’s the Pink Panther you see in there!  It will be a belated gift for her, but I just had to get it done before the holidays or it would have been a New Year’s gift . . .



Paula said...

That bag is sooo cute! Your friend is very lucky:) "Frilly Dilly" is such a cute name for it too!
Working on your precious sign...should have it done soon and can't wait for you to see it:)
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Library Lady said...

The "Frilly Dilly" is just too stinkin' cute. I'm having some serious "Frilly Drilly" envy here.

I hope that you and your family have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving.

The Library Lady
Take surprise and delight in the little things.